90 minutes of Advanced Balloon Art, Airbrush Tattoos & a Magic Show with one Artist (up to 15 children)

Advanced balloon art -  $125 per hour
Standard balloon art - $125 per hour

Our Standard Balloon Art designs can reach up to 20 children per hour.

*Add a 30 minute Magic Show for $145*

2 hours of special Princess Character Balloon Art, Glitter Tattoos and Princess Arts & Crafts with one Artist (up to 12 children)

Expert balloon art - $125 per hour
itsy bitsy princess party - $265
fun-tastic party package - $285

Our Advanced Balloon Art designs can reach up to 14 children per hour.

Our Twisters Are The Best And Most Creative In The Business!

Our Expert Balloon Art designs can reach 8 - 10 children per hour.