Mr. B's Super Seriously Fun Show is an interactive, 45-minute show, ending with a 15-minute workshop.  The show consists of several short stories enacted through mime, with musical accompaniment. Children are empowered to use their imaginations. Much like reading a book, the art of mime strengthens a child's creativity and critical thinking. Children are engaged in a short dialogue between stories about what they “saw” with their imagination. This reinforces the stories’ themes and lessons and validates their creativity. The themes raised through the stories and the workshop are as follows: Imagination, safety, perseverance, making good decisions, friendship, teamwork, and of course FUN! 

      One child is selected to be the assistant and joins the show for the finale. This child can be selected by the staff beforehand as a reward for reading the most books, good citizenship, etc. Or, they can be selected by Mr. B during the show. This empowers all of the children. They can all identify themselves with the child in the spotlight. Moreover, it seals the experience and makes it personal and memorable.


​We take your Fun Seriously! Contact Mr. B at (619) 701-3966